Become The SuperHero to the Tribe You Were Born To Lead with Your Business

While all the work you've poured into getting to where you are deserves to bear fruit handsomely through a profitable business, it is also equally true that making money isn't your sole purpose.  You know that you have so much more to offer than you are currently sharing with the world.  It's time to build an expert platform to help you scale your business as well as your impact.

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Building A Profitable Business That's Aligned With Your Values

You want your business to have a positive impact on people's lives.

For entrepreneurs like us, there is a need in us to make a difference as much as we want to make a living.

There is a myth out there that says it is idealistic to think about purpose and alignment in business, and it is achievable only at the cost of revenue and profitability.

Find out where you stand in building a profitable business that works hard for you and leaves the positive impact you crave simultaneously.

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Grow Your Business to Profitability


Build a Profitable Business Without Sacrificing Yourself

Your calling is to help your tribe achieve a spectacular life. But you are weighed down with building your business and you can't seem to find the space to do this for yourself.  It's time to build the systems and the team that will support you in leading a business that is designed to work for you, is consciously profitable, and fuels you to become the best version of yourself to inspire your tribe.

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Build a Business That Works Harder FOR You


Let Your Business Do The Work

You have built a business that works and is profitable. But you haven't managed to create the space you need to live the life you want. You want to scale your impact and reach your potential. You know that you can have a greater impact by being an expert, a specialist, but you don't know how to build the systems and the team to help you do it. It's time to design your business to work harder for you than YOU do for your business.

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Scale Your Business with Expert Positioning


Build the Systems & Message To Grow Your Impact

You have built a business that is profitable and works without your day to day involvement. But you know there's so much more impact you could have if you can build a scalable expert platform and get your message out there. Now it's a matter of having a message that resonates with your chosen tribe; the right positioning; showcasing your expertise; along with the team, technology, and plan to get it out there.

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Let's Build Your Scalable Expert Platform


About Us

With 20+ years of combined experience in business growth & systems, we are positioned to help you grow your practice.

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Whether you need online training, group coaching, or specialized consulting, we have a program to help you grow.

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If you are serious about growing your business consciously, let's schedule a FREE 30-minute exploration call to see how we can help.

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You know it's time to consider how your business can serve people powerfully, fulfill your purpose, reflect your values, and inspire a tribe around it, amplifying the impact you want to make, while operating even more profitably than ever before.  Let's hop on a FREE 30-minute exploration call to see how we can help you get there faster.

On this call we will:

  • Get Clear on what your goals are for your life and business.

  • Identify where you are right now with reaching your goals.

  • Find out how we can help you fill the gaps to get to your goals.

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What People Say About Us

Seth T
I have been working with Amber and she has been giving me some amazing advice. Today we just had a radical breakthrough as far as far as the shift of the business model that I am going to be taking. It’s not shifting as much as it is a complimentary idea that is going to radically speed up the progress of the business that I currently have, as well as add additional revenue streams. I want to say thank you for Amber and all her ideas and guidance in giving clear actionable steps with the idea so it is not just a bunch of scattered ideas but a direction and focus with the next action step to get there.
Bill C
I just want to reach out and tell you how much I appreciate you. I am so thankful because you helped me through a very difficult time in my business, (and) work through some problems that I just couldn’t see on my own. I am thankful not only just because you have the skills and abilities that help people, like you helped me. The thing I am most thankful for, Amber, is that it is so obvious that you really care. You’re dedicated to making a difference in people’s lives and you definitely made a difference in mine. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate you and I look forward to working with you for years and years to come. You are awesome!
Dawn Hoezee
I've worked with a lot of business consultants. But Amber stands apart - she is an expert marketer & business strategist, but her super power that sets her apart is that she is a "Holistic business strategist" who looks at ALL that effects your business.
Bill Crane
Amber is so amazing! Her knowledge and expertise will blow your mind but even better than that, she actually cares about her clients and that is hard to find today! She looks at Everything connected to your business. Totally committed to her clients' vision and success!
Barbara Bartosh
Amber helped me filter through what I really wanted in business as opposed to what people seemed to be pushing me towards. She met me where I was and showed me what I could be, who I really wanted to serve, and own how I wanted to show up and serve.

Conscious Profitability Test

Building A Profitable Business That's Aligned With Your Values

You want your business to have a positive impact on people's lives.

Find out where you stand in building a profitable business that works hard for you AND adds to your legacy by having a positive impact.

Take this short quiz, get your answers, and find out exactly where the best opportunities are hiding in your business.

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