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Vision Statement

Creating Movements Around The Vision Big Dreamers Dare To Have

We help translate dreams into reality for Big Dreamers who want to play a different game, because we know you are as interested in making a positive impact as you are in making a living.  

We envision providing a reliable, rich, innovative, and ever-evolving ecosystem of resources, tools, and assets for expert entrepreneurs to plug into so you can operate in your zone of genius, providing the value as only you can for the people you feel called to serve.

We want to help you build your ideal life on a foundation of a consciously profitable business, creating a space of flow around you so you can bring your best to your work every day.  

We will know we have succeeded: when we help you communicate your inner unique value in such a way that the outer perception of your business matches your inner reality so clearly that attracting the “right, ideal” people is no longer an expensive myth; when you no longer feel trapped by the “grind” of their business life.

We'll know we are delivering on our promise when you know just where to focus your time, attention, energy & resources for optimal results and finally feel the freedom you always craved but didn’t believe was possible anymore for you; when you become the owner of the business rather than feeling like it owns you.

At Holistic Growth Strategies, we believe in uncompromising quality, authenticity, transforming lives, and powerful partnerships where you as our client never want to leave because we are here FOR YOU and work WITH YOU.  

We believe that you are a person with a unique voice and we are committed to helping you amplify it.  You are never a number for us and we are invested closely in your success. 

We are constantly learning and expanding our knowledge base and resources so that we can not only stay on top of what is working in the industry but can continue to share the best of what we know to help you make informed decisions on the best solution. 

Your success matters to us!


Let's Get Acquainted...


Amber Mirza is a process-driven, outcome-guided “holistic business strategist”, a title given to her by one of her clients because Amber believes in looking at everything that impacts your business using a deep-dive thorough assessment before strategizing and customizing a plan that’s right for you.  

From tuning in your company messaging to doubling down on what drives the biggest results for your practice, to honing in on your unique qualities that once shared through your messaging makes your competition pretty much irrelevant, and teaching conscious profitability through a simple 5-step profit formula, it’s no wonder that Amber’s clients are devoted to her.  

Her breadth of knowledge along with her ability to bring in the right resources and people at the right times has allowed her to become the go-to business and marketing strategist for her ever-expanding client base. 

As an award winning entrepreneur, and the heart-centered founder of the rapidly growing agency known as Holistic Growth Strategies, Amber is committed to delivering services that align with her personal and business values of authenticity, uncompromising quality, transformation, and establishing powerful partnerships.  

My Journey to Helping Big Dreamers Achieve Their Dreams

I am quite literally a child of the world, having lived and grown up in different parts of the world; a self-confessed geek and a nerd, loving to learn and dive deep into subjects and things that interest me, a theme that has been recurring throughout my life; a heart-centered leader where my focus on people has led me to figure out creative ways to solve problems for them and crush challenges, for myself and for others that I was told were impossible.  


I have served in the corporate world, helping my clients and customers uncover opportunities and balance important areas of their life while starting businesses of my own from an early age.

Throughout my professional career, I have advocated on entrepreneurs’ behalf and opened doors for them that were not always available to them, given the uncertainties in business life and finances, especially after lean years.

I found the balance where the relationship between the shareholder, my corporate employer and my clients was more evenly distributed and fair, finding wins for everyone.  

These years were fundamental in finding practical applications for the finance and marketing education I have acquired, not to mention economics and bits of information systems. 

Though I didn't realize it then, the balance that I had found in the corporate world relationship led to an even bigger win as it became the foundational element of conscious business stakeholder relationships later on.


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A pretty serious accident and health concerns arising from there closed some doors and opened others.  

I transitioned from corporate to independent contractor lifestyle looking for ways to find more time and location freedom for myself.

I helped entrepreneurs find innovative solutions while growing and scaling rapidly, spending time in the health and wellness as well as biohacking industries along the way.  

My interest and background in medicine and health along with business systems came in handy here.  Being a nerd really helped too ;)

The English literature degree I had obtained early on also lent a hand in writing, and honing copywriting skills.

I realized the marketing education I had needed a fair bit of supplementing with additional knowledge and understanding of what was working in the digital and internet marketing space as well as in the events world.

That opened up a whole new world of learning, connections, and possibilities of it's own.



Stepping In

It seemed a natural step to go fully into entrepreneurship after that.  

I had continued to be a serious student of all things cutting edge in both the health and business and marketing side of things, and problem solving comes naturally to me.  

I used the skills, knowledge, and experience I had accumulated from my years of advising, consulting and managing and combined it with what I was learning and testing from direct selling, digital marketing, and other forms of marketing, including content and account-based, etc. marketing world.

Given that the Visionaries and Big Dreamers I aim to serve need to have the right support to showcase their vision and ideas.  How else would they be visible to their prsopective tribe and form the movement that works towards that vision?  

All the skills, knowledge and experience I was gathering served as foundational pieces of what was needed to make it possible for the people I love and serve.

Seeing gaps and patterns is one of my gifts and coming up with frameworks and processes to implement success systems seemed natural.  



The Dream Continues...

I have had numerous mentors and continue to learn from the best of the best in various industries. 

I have always been keen on the finance industry, but I pay attention to any and all others that would help me and my team provide what our clients need, 

This includes the marketing and conversions world, all with the intent to use the best information to help our clients get to where their dreams and vision called them to.  

I have invested and continue to invest heavily into our own learning and growth.

We continue to test models and validate resources, so the people we help can take advantage of what we find.

We are committed to being there for you as great partners, strong guides, and powerful resource as you gain momentum, compressing the amount of time and resources needed in your quest for your best life.  

It's not about hurrying it and skipping over the necessary steps in the growth process.  Rather, it's about eliminating what shouldn't be there in the first place and putting the focus where it provides the best results.

We are invested in your Vision and your success is our success!  It shows in what we do and how we show up for you.



Translating BIG dreams into an achievable framework has been my passion and creating a space of ease and flow around idealistic, yet driven entrepreneurs who feel called to add value to the world and leave something greater in their wake, has become my mission and tied to my purpose.

I not only want to bring my own best to the world every single day, I want to help create a space around entrepreneurs fueled by connection to their purpose within, along with financial ease from their business.  A space that allows them to breathe and bring their own creative genius best to their worlds every single day.  The ripple effects I want to create together with them are massive; touching and transforming lives every day.  

The people I feel called to serve are heart-centered, like me.  I know they want to gather their tribes and communities around them, serving them with their knowledge and expertise.  

They are great teachers and even though they don’t always see it at the start, they feel called to be thought leaders, knowing that they have something big in them that draws them to the people who need their help.  

I feel called to facilitate their path, building the foundation for their dreams on a consciously profitable business that creates financial ease around them.  A foundation that provides time freedom for them to operate in their zone of genius.  A foundation that leverages the power of an invested team in delivering standards of service that create the scale they need to have to deliver their message to more and more people.  

I am devoted to using my knowledge, skills, and experience and leaning on powerful partnerships, collaborations, and validated, credible resources to deliver on the promise of being that guide. 

Together, we create the tide that lifts up more and more entrepreneurs and lights up the world we know exists for all of us.  As we create, grow and expand the ecosystem we all thrive in, the world we were always meant to live in opens up for us.

What People Say About Us

Dawn Hoezee
I've worked with a lot of business consultants. But Amber stands apart - she is an expert marketer & business strategist, but her super power that sets her apart is that she is a "Holistic business strategist" who looks at ALL that affects your business.
Bill Crane
Amber is so amazing! Her knowledge and expertise will blow your mind but even better than that, she actually cares about her clients and that is hard to find today! She looks at Everything connected to your business. Totally committed to her clients' vision and success!
Barbara Bartosh
Amber helped me filter through what I really wanted in business as opposed to what people seemed to be pushing me towards. She met me where I was and showed me what I could be, who I really wanted to serve, and own how I wanted to show up and serve.

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