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Dec 30, 2020

A Crazy idea that landed in my head at 8 pm last evening and wouldn’t let go

So much so that I got to furiously working on my message, 

my webpage, 

and working till almost 4 am this morning

Crazy or not, I am feeling driven to share this.  

In between calls and meetings, 

and tapping resources to make it happen, 


We have got it all done

Taking a moment to let it sink in and breathe


Here goes:

I invite you to join me and other entrepreneurs, just like you,

on a 2-Day Mini Quest to Refuel, Recharge, and Restore... 

So We Can Refocus, 

So we can End this Year on A Powerful High Note

So we feel the power of our agency

And celebrate the power within us

So we are set up for success

So we can Enter The New Year On Fire

Looking for Possibilities

Aware of Opportunities

Seeing Life 

Rather than Obstacles

And Problems

I am Calling my Dreamers


I am partial to my Dreamers.. Dreamers with a difference

Dreamers who have their eye on their BIG Dream, 

The vision they hold on to, 

but have their feet on the ground, 

always looking to align with their core soul purpose, 

and implement the action to be the change they want to see in the world.

Who are these Dreamers.. 

Who dare to Dream of a better world

They are people who’ve made their way into fields that interest them, 

tasted success and want more from themselves, 

for themselves and for the people they feel called to gather around them.

They are teachers in their hearts and experts in their fields,

Or they want to be. 

They likely want to be speakers and authors, 

just because they want their message, 

their words, 

to reach more and more people.  

They may not even realize it yet, 

but they secretly and sometimes, admittedly, 

feel called to be Thought Leaders.  

They don’t see themselves as gurus, 

nor do they want to be.. 

They just see the world as more.. 

beyond mind games and stepping on people to get to where they want to be… 

beyond sabotage and theft of others… 

beyond seeing others’ accomplishments as threats.  

Instead, they want to lift people alongside them, 

their mind already on the ripple effect of impact they see themselves 

..and those whole lives they touch, creating.

These are the people I see as my people

The people whose guide I am called to be

The people who are on my mind as I hone my skills, 

add to my knowledge, 

and stay on top of what’s new, 

what’s working, 

and what my people need to know

Last week, 

I really wanted to launch a challenge or a masterclass.. 

Something to help my guys recharge after whatever 2020 brought them.  

In some cases, it was unprecedented success.  

In others, it was a lot of effort, 

never in vain, 

but not quite what they needed to achieve the lift off they needed.  

In all cases, 

it was something I could see them needing to recharge after.  

I felt the same need… 

a desire to Refuel, 


and Restore

So we can end this year feeling on top of the world

And start the New Year

Ready to take on whatever comes our way

Our eyes seeing New Possibilities 

And New Opportunities

Instead of problems and obstacles

Given that the New Year is almost here

Every Day that passes reminds me that I may not have had the time 

To launch it perfectly

with all the prep, pomp and process it needs

to do it just right

How I “Should” do it

But I strongly feel that I must

For all those who want to join me on a mini quest of Recharge post Christmas

So we can use this period of reset 

And finish this year

Like the Champions we Are

Like the Courageous Warriors We Were Born to Be

Like the Heart Led Leaders We Know We Are

What say you?

Will you join me?





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Dec 30, 2020