Welcome to Conscious Business Talks!

I am looking for players who are looking to up the level of the game they are playing, who want a vibrant life aligned with their values and gifts, and balanced with what they hold important.
My intention with this page is to bring you the best of what I know, and what I learn, to help you live your best life as an entrepreneur, fueled richly by an ethically profitable business aligned with your values. I am on a quest of transformation.. my mission is to transform the way we do life and business, energizing and enriching one business after another!
I invite you to join me on this mission. This quest belongs to us all who desire a better life, a purposeful life, a rich life that includes a business that's not built on sacrifice of relationships and life itself!
If you are not happy with the status quo... if you want to push your limits reaching even higher for your potential, but at the same time, want to feel the freedom of space that sparks creativity, the freedom of time that makes you feel alive and fueled, and the freedom of financial ease that allows you to give back to your hearts content, this page, and all we are building with it, is for You!
Join me and others just like you!

Conscious Business Talks


What and Why

What is Conscious Business and why should entrepreneurs like us give a care about it!


A Tale of Two Businesses

As entrepreneurs, we have the power to touch a lot of lives. Recently, a conversation showcased just how much power we wield, and with great power comes great responsibility...


The story behind The Recharge Sessions

I had a conversation today that jived so well with a topic I have been exploring for a while.. Leadership that fits a conscious business.


Conscious Business Values modeled

Whether you celebrate Easter or look to Spring Equinox or just plain Spring.. this time of the year is about renewal, renewed life and celebration of change. It got me thinking about the people behind the business and the state of reality we set for ourselves with our awareness, choices, and dare I say it... boundaries


Needs of the time - and your team

I thought to share how the ReCharge Sessions came about and how they just oh so naturally melded into the business fundamentals and foundations I am so passionate about, along with the marketing “unfair advantage” I am so fond of using


The Road Less Travelled

I love real life example of how businesses reflect their values in their core functions, and when stand out for either not having core values identified and shared as a culture or not modeling them. The contrast is rather glaring


Pipe Dream or Factual Reality

Sometimes the best way to start is to follow our own inclination, with some degree of commitment and conviction.. as I paraphrase from something I remember from John Mackey - but it's a wonderful fit for the conversation I had today. Can't wait to share.


The State Of Our Reality

Could conscious businesses steadily pave the way to Conscious Capitalism through everyday decisions and long term outlook? and what the heck does Conscious Capitalism look like? Let's share thoughts inspired by this dream..


Things that make you go hmmmm

The day before yesterday I had an experience that has occupied my thoughts on and off and wondering if it's time to bring out ReCharge again


Practice What You Preach

An entrepreneur knows that one of the biggest things that'll trip you up is the desire to cover up and not admit to something that you realize needs to be tweaked or corrected, just so you don't lose face or compromise your expert standing. In my opinion, good leadership models the bahaviour that you know will set people up for success, vanity be tossed. Today I share what I uncovered after I dropped my news last week.