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I am looking for players who are looking to up the level of the game they are playing, who want a vibrant life aligned with their values and gifts, and balanced with what they hold important.
My intention with this page is to bring you the best of what I know, and what I learn, to help you live your best life as an entrepreneur, fueled richly by an ethically profitable business aligned with your values. I am on a quest of transformation.. my mission is to transform the way we do life and business, energizing and enriching one business after another!
I invite you to join me on this mission. This quest belongs to us all who desire a better life, a purposeful life, a rich life that includes a business that's not built on sacrifice of relationships and life itself!
If you are not happy with the status quo... if you want to push your limits reaching even higher for your potential, but at the same time, want to feel the freedom of space that sparks creativity, the freedom of time that makes you feel alive and fueled, and the freedom of financial ease that allows you to give back to your hearts content, this page, and all we are building with it, is for You!
Join me and others just like you!

Conscious Business Talks


Consciously Present

As an entrepreneur, as we juggle a multitude of ball,s priorities that seem to be all competing for that top position.. how do you choose?


The Key to Winning

What's another difference between conscious business leaders and others...
"When Bad things happen, if you resist the temptation to do anything that will make matters worse, you will discover valuable things about your company and yourself that you would never have learned had you not taken the hit" ~ Jim Mazzo


Rising Above Overwhelm

Today I want to talk about overwhelm and what to do when overhwlem strikes. Giving in and giving up is not an option so what you do? Today's discussion is finding ways to find your focus and rise above what may weigh you down otherwise


An Added Layer to The Assumed Business Directive - Nurturing Business Consciousness

Today we talk about something I had almost started taking for granted - the assumption that as business owners we all feel the almost palpable power and responsibility that comes with being an entrepreneur; the impact we have on multiple lives and livelihoods; and the need to Recharge the most valuable asset of the business, i.e. the Entrepreneur.
A set of recent conversations made me aware that there is so much more work yet to be done in seeding and nurturing business consciousness... and yay! We get to be part of all the ones doing it!


Entrepreneurs Problem and Possibility

Today we discuss something that we run into on a daily basis, and has the potential to lead us to success or tank us. Question is, is it really a problem, or a possibility just waiting for us to realize, capitalize and build towards your future.


What Are You Resisting and What is it Costing You

We are talking about what we unconsciously put up as walls around us and opportunities lost..


To be humble

To be humble..!?
I got invited to being honoured somewhere and they asked for some information that they could put on their site for me. I have a hard time writing about myself.. haha Soooo Not a surprise for those of you who know me. but that led to this question. Are you authentic when you are being overly humble? and when people are trying to know how you can help, does that help? Let's talk!


From Coffee to Conscious Collaborations

I decided to expand on a point that came up during the conversation Vickie and I had on the Coffee Break Show with Vickie Helm. She is a dear friend, a wise and conscious entrepreneur, awesome human, and a wonderful resource of great information. Tune in to see what consciousness has to do with collaborations, a point I saw her get really excited about so I thought it was worth talking about it some more..


Trust your knowing

Stop.. Listen.. Go with your Knowing.. Let's Explore this!


Conscious Collaboration continued

Have you ever wondered why Collaboration so often fails to live up to its initial hype and expectation, leaving the undesirable taste of disappointment, hurt, and frustration, as well as broken promises and failed hopes in its wake, with all parties wondering what may have been only if...