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I am looking for players who are looking to up the level of the game they are playing, who want a vibrant life aligned with their values and gifts, and balanced with what they hold important.
My intention with this page is to bring you the best of what I know, and what I learn, to help you live your best life as an entrepreneur, fueled richly by an ethically profitable business aligned with your values. I am on a quest of transformation.. my mission is to transform the way we do life and business, energizing and enriching one business after another!
I invite you to join me on this mission. This quest belongs to us all who desire a better life, a purposeful life, a rich life that includes a business that's not built on sacrifice of relationships and life itself!
If you are not happy with the status quo... if you want to push your limits reaching even higher for your potential, but at the same time, want to feel the freedom of space that sparks creativity, the freedom of time that makes you feel alive and fueled, and the freedom of financial ease that allows you to give back to your hearts content, this page, and all we are building with it, is for You!
Join me and others just like you!

Conscious Business Talks


Breakthroughs and Infinite Games

As I was working on a new Challenge map, I got to thinking what do I really want to deliver through this Challenge that's not just better but different and positions the people taking the challenge somewhere they couldn't get previously, with real results, despite the short period of the challenge.. The thought led me to looking at the work of Prof. James P Carse and more recently, Simon Sinek. I cannot NOT share this with me... My mind is still going on this..


Buy or Die - When conversations go sideways

I was going to speak further on Breakthroughs and Infinite games today but a rather interesting conversation has me asking some thought provoking questions I can't wait to dive in with you. Let's talk and share some ideas..


Communication - from the heart

When things look like they may take a turn drastically for the worse.. how do you find a way that leads to where you want to go...


Listening and Hearing

Do your clients feel heard? Do You? and how does that effect what opportunities and collaborations come to pass..


Opening Up to Possibilities

Let's talk about what is possible when you put aside opinions and assumptions, and open up to what may be


The best You can do it vs the best it Can be Done

Are you accepting the limitations of your natural approach as the final word on your success or do you do things a little differently?


The Projector The Film and The Screen

The insights that come when we quiet down and become aware of what is the projector projecting, what is the film playing and what screen are we using to play it on.


Stuck on auto-pilot

We are talking about our defaults today on the Conscious Business Talks show. Staying with per-selected options, whether due to inertia or by someone else's design, if you don't do something to change it, default is what you get to keep.


Pause Reset but then wait onwards or backwards

Choices. Divergent paths. Different Possibilities... and with them unfolding consequences


In First Gear - Misunderstanding what it takes

"In First Gear Everything Feels Like A Hill ~ Michael Neill" If we don't know we have extra gears, everything feels hard. Our world shrinks and so does our impact. Let's talk on that.