A Dreamer Friend

I had a conversation with a wonderful Dreamer friend of mine yesterday.

The conversation was around their goals, their vision, their Big Dream! They can see it but don’t know how to make it happen so they can Live it!

This is a story that’s familiar to so many entrepreneurs, isn’t it?!


You get caught up in keeping your head above water and trying tactic after tactic, that you don’t seem to have the time to get clarity on your strategy and why you are not getting the results you are craving.

You are so busy trying to wear all kinds of different hats, or even if not, you are so busy being an operator in your business that you simply cannot be the owner of your business.

What if it didn’t have to be that way?  

What if you had the support and guidance to live in your zone of genius and deliver the contribution you were born to make, the impact you envision and do it from the foundation of a successful, profitable business base?

How would it feel?

What would be the impact you could make, if that were your life?

Don’t let your Dream be choked for lack of creative space fuelled by the right foundation.

You are NOT alone!

Amber Mirza