The “little” river that could…

The “little” river that could…
…The power of consistency and persistence

It blew me away that what seemed to me to be a tiny river carved the ginormous caverns I saw in Zion. Have you seen those mountains? The word MASSIVE seems small compared to their size… and yet this teeny tiny Virgin River made it’s way through them and carved the big opening we see now. I get it’s not as meek as it seems in places but still… when you look at those gorgeous, looming structures, you think no way… not moving… and yet… the proof is right there.


What does that say about all the times I’m tempted to give up because the obstacles seem too big?!!!

Persistence and Consistency… if your purpose is real and you are authentic, Do NOT give up. Be that river


It not only carved the mountains, all the life that it sustains and thrives because of that water is incredibly lush and beautiful.

My takeaways:

Provide value for others every day
Do not cause harm, provide a benefit instead
Create so much value through your efforts that it becomes undeniable
Be real and true
Make sure what you create is so freaking good it lasts, continuing to be valuable long beyond you
Become better, consistently
Create and use systems that allow for your purpose to thrive
Surround yourself with the people and environment that become each other’s strength
Be an inspiration to those around you and those that come after
Create a legacy
Do not give up

This is where I give thanks for all my people who help me stay on purpose, grow and be better, not give up, and provide value through my work. I’m inspired every day through my interactions with you

Here’s to creating our legacies!

Amber Mirza