Is it time to look at Your Job, Your Career, Your Choice, and make a Decision?

In times of uncertainty, crisis and change, opportunity knocks harder.

Is there a hidden opportunity in this choice for you?

I heard Tony Robbins share recently that: “People are leaving their jobs in such record numbers right now that this movement is being called “The Great Resignation."

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Can you believe it?

“The Great Resignation!” 


  • Have you been feeling overwhelmed thinking you had to choose between your freedom to make a choice about what's important to you and your job?

  • Does every bit of news recently talking about deadlines and mandates seem like it’s targeted at you?  

  • Does it seem like there is an hourglass with sand speeding through it, as if on steroids, hovering over you?

  • Does it seem like you are caught in a bad dream even though you are awake?

  • Or perhaps a bad movie you can’t seem to turn off?


Whether you are frustrated with lack of choice, feeling threatened by ultimatums, or perhaps just a big believer in choice when it comes to important life decisions, we want you to join us and many, many others who are feeling the pressure, just like you, and want better.

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We Believe!


 I believe there is more to having a job than you are currently experiencing.

I believe your choice matters.

I believe there is an immense, unprecedented opportunity hidden in the threat you are feeling.

I believe you are made for more.

If you believe that your right to make decisions about your life should not be held hostage by your means of providing for yourself and those you love, then this may be the opportunity for you.

We are creating a gathering place for people.  

People like you...

  • People who Love to make a difference through your life and work but don’t feel like your service, your loyalty and your work is being seen for the value it brings.  

  • People, who are experiencing burnout, isolation, or overwhelm, perhaps even a sense of betrayal because your choice is being forced from you.

  • We believe there is strength in numbers, and power in community, and your ability to choose what’s best for you is sacred.

  • We believe your knowledge, skills, and experience has value.  

  • We are looking to see what your needs are and how best to match them with the right support & resources, and people who need you.

  • Because Your life, Your work, Your choice matters!

If you decide this interests you, please click the button below and provide some information that will get things started. 

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