Post Christmas ReCharge Mini-Quest for Entrepreneurs with a Desire for More

Regroup, Refuel, Refocus!


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  Yes!  it's my time to recharge!

This mini-quest begins on Thursday, December 30, 2020!


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 You Have A Message, A Skill, An Expertise The World Needs!

The world shifted this year and you are needed, more than ever.  

It's your Time to take stock, charge your batteries & move forward with clarity and support! 

Living The "Same-Old" Is Not For You!  

You Want to Gather Your People Around You!

Teach, Speak, Write & Influence, With Your Reach!

Help The world and Spread Ripples of Impact! 

and feel free and prosperous while doing it!

But... Entrepreneurs Are NOT Always 
The BEST at Taking Care of Themselves

 By the end of this 2-Day Mini Quest 

  • you will have Re-Connected with what you hold important;

  • what fuels you;

  • identified What You want to be known for;  

  • who is your message for; 

  • what impact do you want to make; 

  • and how to keep yourself centred and aligned no matter what!

Remember What Got You Started On This Path?  
The Energy That Filled You?
The Desire To Use Your Knowledge To Help People?
And then...something came along to dim that fire. The "regularness of life" stole the Dream bit by bit, and your message started getting lost in the daily grind.

As if that wasn't enough.. 2020 came along to test your resilience and adaptability.

Whether you pivoted and adapted with true grit and thrived despite everything, or kept things together and are still in the middle of finding the best way to find that sweet spot that keeps all you've worked so hard for intact and able to grow... this was a year that demanded a lot more from us than recent years.

You may not even express this out loud to anyone, but you need a little boost.  2021 is around the corner and you know you need to be ready to take it on and then some.  The uncertainty that is part and parcel of this entrepreneurial life is on another level with lock-downs being announced without much notice, and despite people thinking the government will have something to save them, you know there is a lot more in front of us than meets the eye. 


People who know this road are familiar with what it takes to succeed on this path.  They may be in different stages of the journey but they have been, and some may be in the same boat as you.  You may feel like you are alone in this angst and have to figure everything out alone.  You may even feel like the exhaustion and drain you feel is just how it is.


Here's the truth: IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE THIS WAY!!

I understand what you are going through because not only have I felt the same weight and dug my way out of it time and again, some of my closest friends and clients are intimately familiar with it!  

I know because I have lived it and helped so many entrepreneurs I know, rise up out of the pit they felt they were in, day in and day out.

I felt sick with it every time the awareness hit that time was passing by.. racing faster and faster every day and I knew I wasn't living my Dream, my Best Life, feeling exhausted and alone, needing a boost and thinking I couldn't get it.  I knew I had a bigger purpose but running into wall after wall, feeling the drain with every hit and feeling like I was stuck in spirals downwards kept me from fulfilling it like I felt I was meant to.  The sick feeling of losing time while I was supposed to be making the difference for the people who called to me, who lit me up, was unbearable.  I was done with feeling beat and I took a leap of faith.

Now it's your time to have the support you need to recharge and refuel to Live Your BIG Dream and Play an Even BIGGER game.

All you need is the right Guide to show you how, the right people around you to support you, and the right resources to fuel your boost! 

It was a different Christmas and holiday season this year!  Families are not able to connect like they have done every year leading up to this one.  

You, however, have a CHOICE!  

A choice to take back your energy, your spark and your ability to create your own world.  Join us and step into a reset of your own, on your own terms and one that fits you!

Join The 2-day Mini-Quest NOW

Welcome to the Post Christmas Reset Challenge for Entrepreneurs Like You!

You have a Light inside you that sets you apart.  

Even if you are living it, a life of "daily Grind" is NOT for you.

You CRAVE being in Flow and want to feel Momentum in and around you.

Being Stuck is nauseating and soul destroying for people like us!
Feeling the drain and fatigue keeps us from what our Soul's purpose calls us to do and things get fuzzy and unclear.

The Brutal Truth Is This — Not Everyone "Gets" the 
Big Dreamers and ChangeMakers.  We Do!  

That's Why This Movement, And This Community Was Started... To Equip Big Dreamers Like You To Make Real Your Dreams and Leave Your Lasting Mark 

This isn't hype... here are proven steps (used time and again by multiple recognized Experts and fellow entrepreneurs) that can radically speed up your recharge, and ultimately your launch and success.
We’ve created a simple framework to charge your batteries and connect with the reason why you stepped into this purpose in the first place.

Complexity, hype, and confusion are the enemy of clear, decisive action.

Instead, discover the simple secrets that refuel entrepreneurs consistently so they step into their greater purpose re-invigorated and re-vitalized.  Get ready to harness the power of exponential growth through a series of clear, actionable steps. Each new step builds on the one before with manageable (but unstoppable) momentum.

After 2 Incredible Days in the Post Christmas Recharge Mini-Quest designed for Entrepreneurs just like you... you will feel realigned with your core resilience... You’ll Be Ready to take action and watch the results begin to grow.

Join The Mini Quest NOW

Why This 2-Day Mini-Quest?


It’s Simple. You are a leader. 
you have amazing skills and knowledge. 
You have the desire to impact people's lives.


you need to ReCharge and ReFuel

The Post Christmas ReCharge 2-Day Mini-Quest is for Entrepreneurs just like you who are seeking to charge their batteries so they can launch their Dreams into Reality. 

The Plan For Each of our 2 days together is simple.  

I'll cover the the Exact tips, tricks and resources that helped me and numerous fellow entrepreneurs in reconnecting with their resilient selves and fuelling up, so you can be ready to Create the future that has been waiting for You and those You Love to Serve!

I Can Hardly Wait To See You In Our New Challenge FaceBook Group!